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Welcome to Conyers Middle School

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School Information

Grade Levels Served: 6-8
School Colors: Red and Black
School Mascot: Bulldogs
Student Hours: 8:15 AM-4:15 PM 
Current Student  Enrollment: 920
Current Faculty & Staff: 90
Year Opened:  1978  
Specialty Choice Program:  Aerospace Engineering

Please note:

To maintain a safe and orderly environment, adult supervision is not available before 8:15am.  Please do not drop off your child before school hours.  Also, we cannot permit student checkouts after 3:30pm.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

ID Policy/Visiting Our School:

Before you are buzzed into our school, please show your ID to the camera to your left and reveal your purpose for your visit prior to entering the building, this helps to assure student's and school's safety. Parents/visitors, will then be asked to physically check in at the front office to sign-in, show your id, and then you will be provided a visitors’ badge that you will wear at all times while on our campus.  Thank you, as we continue to keep the safety of our students a priority.


Transportation Changes:

To ensure safety for all our children, all transportation changes must be in writing.  Please send a note with your child to turn in to the office in the morning or if the need arises mid-day, emailed changes will be accepted.  All transportation changes will be verified by phone with our front office personnel.  Emailed changes must include the following information:

  • Student's normal route home
  • What/how student's method is changing
  • A copy of your (parent/guardian) ID
  • Current contact phone number (for verification)

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices:

 Student cell phones or electronic devices for personal use must be turned off and not visible during the entire school day.  It is the students' responsibility to comply with this rule and it applies to use during instructional and non-instructional times such as lunch, wellness, class changes, etc.  CMS supports the use of personal devices that are used for education purposes with educator's discretion. CMS assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen or damaged cell phones.  Cell phones may not be used for making or receiving calls, text messaging, bullying, or taking pictures at any time on school grounds or school buses without teacher permission.  Parents will be required to retrieve a confiscated cell phone from a school administrator between 4:10pm-5:00pm.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Tour Our School:

This is a virtual tour of Conyers Middle School from the front, outside, and through each of the interior halls in our school.  It gives a new student and their family an idea of the layout to aid in navigation once they enter our building.  If you would like to tour CMS in person, please be sure to have your ID.  To begin the tour, CLICK HERE. 

Partners In Education:

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