Allison N. Barbour

Mrs. Allison N. Barbour

Principal's Points

February 2017

Happy Black History Month. At Conyers Middle school, we are excited to celebrate this commemorative time as we highlight, pay tribute to, and recognize the central roles, influence, and contributions of African Americans. In addition to daily quizzes, door decorating contests, poetry contests, and school displays, we are culminating our activities with a student-led performance program on February 27th. Please come and celebrate with us.

The Month of February perfectly positions our students to dig in deeply, assure their readiness, and stay on the path to success as we delve deeply into the Georgia Performance Standards of Excellence. Parents, this is an excellent time to take stock of your Bulldogs’ academic progress and contact their teachers regarding any concerns or supports needed. Progress reports go home on February 10th. Please also inquire about extra-help/remediation/tutoring time as needed for your child.  Letters were sent home in January for students’ whose grades currently indicate potential concerns with mastery of the standards.  In response to our district’s policy, these letters notify parents of any students failing at least one major academic grade. There is still time for students to make improvements; however, please don’t delay.  Our hope is that you continue to collaborate with the school and your child’s teacher(s) to help improve the grade(s) and assure mastery of the standards. Additionally, many students have been given the opportunity to participate in credit recovery. Please contact the school or visit our website for more information about credit recovery.

In addition to our intentional focus on teaching and learning, we are honoring February’s notoriety for being the month of love, and are centering our thoughts and actions on kindness. Our students have been participating in random acts of kindness. Students of all ages sometimes become impatient with each other; we want to encourage children to think twice before saying, posting, instigating, or doing something that might be emotionally or physically hurtful to others. We want to encourage our students to treat others with respect and to apologize for their actions when they make a wrong choice and bring discomfort or hurt to others. Please try to reinforce this theme at home and help your children be kind to everyone they encounter. Kind words and good deeds go a long way. What joy it brings to bestow kindness to others with no regard for external reward! Appropriate to their caring hearts, we are also spotlighting the support and incredible value of our school counselors in honor of Counselors’ Week. Please remember to thank our wonderful counselors, Mr. Francis Ferguson and Mrs. Shadiqa White.

In closing, please note these upcoming scheduled events:  Early Release will take place on February 17th. Upon early release from school, students will need to extend their learning at home as they use their laptop devices to complete their Math Independent Projects. SCHOOL will be CLOSED for “WINTER BREAK” the WEEK of FEBRUARY 20th. As always, let us know how we can help to make your child’s CMS experience a successful one. You and your child are important to us.

Keep Thriving,

Allison Barbour