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Address: 400 Sigman Road, Conyers, GA 30012
Front Desk Phone: 770-483-3371
Fax: 770-483-9448
Student Hours: 8:15 a.m. - 4:05 p.m. 



Allison Barbour




                         Fannetta Gooden                                                        Anterro Graham

                        Assistant Principal                                                      Assistant Principal


     8th Grade, Reading Connections, ELL, ELA                7th Grade, Connections, SPED, Science


             Latrecia Lewis

                       Assistant Principal

                  6th Grade, Math Connections, AVID, Math




                      6th Grade Teams

ELA Team

Burke, Garland                                               

Moore, Brenna                                             

Porter, Janelle                                                


Math Team

Hutchins, Jerome                                       

Sabree-Shelby, Miriam                 

Strozier, Twala                  


Science Team

Colbourne, Irvin ico                                      

Lewis, Seneathia                                          

Owens, John                                                 


Social Studies Team                       

Dr. Cummings, Angelisa                                        

Holmes, Curtis                                             

Smith, Lindsey                                               


Interrelated Education Team                     

Brown-Roman, Hannah                             

Henderson, Frank                                               

Williams, Gerard                                       


                   7th Grade Teams                                            

ELA Team                           

Bowen, Amanda                                           

Jeje, Kristine                                                  

Yon, Rashauna                                                    


Math Team                        

Harris-Ezell, Deborah                                             

Lee, Keasha                                              

Washington, Tiffany                       


Science Team                   

Dr. Evans, Paula                                               

Hardeman, Angela                                             

White, Raphael                                                 


Social Studies Team                       

Bell, Alexandria                                                 

Gilmore, Gladys                                           

McClain, Melvin                                                   


Interrelated Education Team                                     

Cowles, Jason                                                 

Germany, Chalita                                    

Jordan, Helen                                               

Kamuche, Ebele                                                    

Shelton, Heather                                       

Sims, Carol                                                        

Waller, Alanda                                             


                     8th Grade Teams                                            

ELA Team                                           

Howson, Kenya                                           

Kelsey, Dwayna               

Williams, Reshaundra                                            


Math Team                                        

McQueen, Ariene                           

Moore, Alex                      

Ward, Derrick                                                 


Science Team                                   

Rivers-Byrd, Tiffani                                    

Simpson, Amber                                      

Dukes, Marilyn                                          


Social Studies Team                                       

Clary, Darren                                                  

Dawson, Angela                                         

Tucker, Chris                                              


Interrelated Education Team                                     

Campbell, Wendy                                                

Griffiths, Boyd                                          

Jarvis, Ila                                                        

Thurston, Brittany                                     


Support Staff                                    

Benz, Chad                         

Bradley, Rodney                                     

Corder, Angela                                            

Mikel, Kristina                                               


Connections Team                                         

Alexander, Lynthia                                                

Barber, Nakeia                                         

Bush, Ashley                     

Conover, Betty                                          

Crowell, Anthony                                      

Davis, Michael                                             

Dukes, Michelle                                          

Dyer, Kimberly                                            

Farris, Lindsey                  

Garrett, Duane                                             

Hamby, Dave                                               

Kinsey, Ardena                                            

Richardson, Billy                                                  

Thurston, Johnathan                             

Turley, Sean                                              

Williams, Stephen                                                    


Learning Support Team                                

Blackmon, LeYenKenta                                           

Bostic, Farlyn                                            

Collins, Sierra                    

Doty, Ashlee                                                   

Jacobs, Marva                                              

Julian, Nakeedra                             

Rolg-Alvarado, Esther                               

Swanigan, Currentha                                              

Taylor-Smith, Keshia                      

Thornton, Autherine                               

Wiley, Angela                   


Office Staff                                        

Ballard, Shane                   School Resource Officer        

Borrero, Wanda                Records, Attendance              

Bryant, Deena                   Bookkeeper                          

Burnfin, Neil                      Digital Learning Specialist     

Butts, Barbera                   Clinic Assistant                     

Chandler, Melissa             Secretary                                  

Ferguson, Francis             Counselor                               

Gagnon, Susan                  Secretary Front Office          

Hall, Julia                           Registrar                                

Hinds, Makeisha               Digital Learning Specialist       

Johnson, Jason                  Lead Intel                                 

Johnson, Sherea               Communities of Practice Coach 

Millsapp, Jhalen                Intel                                        

O'Kelley, Jean                    Media Specialist                       

Rice, Janette                      Secretary                                

Sealy, Christal                    Secretary Front Office          

Tomlinson, Lillian              Parent Liaison                        
Vernon, Sonya                   Communities of Practice Coach   

Dr. White, Lonnie              Communities of Practice Coach

White, Shadiqa                  Counselor