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Rockdale County Public Schools Prevention & Intervention Department is using a digital program called Ripple Effects as a tool to build social emotional skills, connect students to community, and improve academic success. Through the program, students will develop a core set of social-emotional abilities that have been shown to help them have a stronger, more positive sense of self, do better in school, respect others, and build skills that can help them make good choices about drugs, violence, and other life challengesWe have chosen this program because:

  • It’s based on rigorous research about what works in increasing young people’s chance of overall school success
  • Its personalized, adaptive design allows each student to privately leverage their strengths to work on areas that are challenging
  • It provides parents, students, and educators with resources to address social emotional learning

With the use of Ripple Effects we hope to develop a learning environment in which every student is inspired to become their personal best. Please follow the instructions to access this free program.

How to Access Ripple Effect

Middle & High School Ripple Effects for Teens



Download Ripple Effect Pocket Coach App

Enter activation code:SU7-9IV-ZDY

Use RCPS student id and password to create an account

Elementary Ripple Effects for Kids