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UNDEFEATED CMS Soccer Team 2023

On Tuesday October 24th at 7pm there will be a MS TEAMS interest meeting for students who want to play. The meeting link is

Head Coach:
Boyd Griffiths ([email protected])
Asst. Coach:
Anthony Brooks ([email protected])


Eligibility to Participate

In Rockdale County School System all students participating in athletic activities must complete a RANKONE profile. RANKONE is the site we use to gather all medical, demographic, and contact information for student athletes and their parent/guardian. If a student does not complete all sections of the RANKONE profile they will not receive clearance to participate from each school’s athletic director.

Additionally, all student athletes must maintain good academic standing to participate in all athletic activities. For a student to be academically eligible to participate in soccer they must have a passing grade of 70% or higher in 3 of 4 content classes (Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies) and passing 5 of 6 total classes.

Spring Soccer Season

Soccer is regarded as a Spring sport. Our season typically begins in late February after our winter break. Our schedule of games will be updated once they are released by the league. Conyers Middle School will play as a part of the NewRock League in which we play school in both Rockdale County and Newton County. Our intent is to have a team of 15 boys and 15 girls. If we do not have enough participants for a full girl or boys team, there might be some potential to play “co-ed” games.

Intramural Soccer (Nov – Jan)

During the Fall months Conyers Middle School will hold intramural soccer on Mondays thru Thursdays from 4:15pm to 5:30pm. This is a free-play opportunity for all students to come and enjoy playing the beautiful game of soccer. Students must have RANKONE profile completed, but there is no academic eligibility requirement. At intramural soccer we will work on conditioning and teach basic skills. This also serves as an opportunity for the coaches to preview the talent and skill level of the students attending Conyers Middle School. Here are some stipulations for intramurals:

  • No practice below 55°
  • No practice when it rains after 12pm

Required Equipment

For the safety of all student participants, students must wear required soccer gear for all practices, intramural soccer and during all soccer games. At minimum a student must have soccer cleats and shin guards to step on the field. Here is a list of the required equipment for soccer:


How do I get started?

If you are interested in participating in intramural soccer or if you desire to try out for the soccer team, please click here to complete the soccer registration form and click here to create/update your RANKONE profile. After completing the registration form and the RANKONE profile, contact Coach Griffiths to inform him of your desire to participate to obtain clearance for intramural or tryouts.

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Soccer Registration Form -


Click Here to View 2024 CMS Soccer Schedule
Click Here to View/Print 2024 CMS Soccer Schedule

***Please note the location for some games may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Please consult your child’s coach to confirm location or time.  Thank you!***

Athletic applications for medical physicals and form submissions are now done online through 
RankOne (click here). 

Click here for directions of how to complete RankOne Forms

The 2023-2024 Physical Forms are listed below.  Please print the applicable document(s) below and take to your doctor to complete. 

Physical History & Evaluation Form

Physical History Form Spanish

Physical History for Athletes with Disabilities

**PLEASE NOTE: Once completed, all forms must be uploaded and a student profile completed prior to participation in any CMS athletics.

Click here to complete your child's RankOne Profile.