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Congratulations to Our CMS Wrestling Team 2022-2023 NewRock League Champions!!
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Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in participating in Wresting or Use Link,  

Students must have all documents on RankOne completed and a current physical uploaded. Physical cannot be over one year old.  Any other questions regarding tryouts or schedules, please contact the Wrestling Coach (email listed below).  

Click here for directions of how to complete RankOne Forms

Athletic applications for medical physicals and form submissions are now done online through RankOne (click here). 

Click here for directions of how to complete RankOne Forms

The 2023-2024 Physical Forms are listed below.  Please print the applicable document(s) below and take to your doctor to complete. 

Physical History & Evaluation Form

Physical History Form Spanish

Physical History for Athletes with Disabilities

**PLEASE NOTE: Once completed, all forms must be uploaded and a student profile completed prior to participation in any CMS athletics.

Click here to complete your child's RankOne Profile.  

To participate in CMS Wrestling, students must:

* Must have a completed profile on Rank One.

*Be in good academic standing with the school

* Clean shorts, socks, and T-shirts.  

* Reliable transportation to be picked up on time each day. 


Part I: Conditioning (October 16, 2023 and October 17, 2023)

Students will be going through a vigorous workout that will help build their muscular strength and endurance. Former members of the Wrestling Knights will come and teach several basic moves that are critical to the success of a wrestler. The expectation is that students will continue to improve their skill and conditioning on their own over fall break. All sessions will end at 6pm.

Part II: Tryouts (October 18, 2023 & October 19, 2023) (October 20th is TBD)

During this time, students will be evaluated on their classroom behavior, grades, attitude, effort, their ability to follow instructions, and by weight class. Tryouts will end at 6:30pm; the final team roster will be posted in the cafeteria by lunchtime Monday, October 23, 2023 and on the team announcement website (the roster page).  


Each student that makes the team is required to pay a wrestling fee of $50. The fee is due NO LATER than the day of our parent meeting on Wednesday, October 25th at 6:45pm in the cafeteria.  Each wrestler will also be expected to purchase their own wrestling shoes (please do not purchase shoes until they have made the team). Please be on time to pick up your child.


Coach Keith White - Head Coach ([email protected])

Use QR Code to purchase 2023-2024 Wrestling Match tickets

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