February 2021 Bulldog Students of the Month


Team 601



Team 602


Caitlyn Rivera

Caitlyn is a superstar Bulldog. She maintained an “A” in every class during the first semester and is on her way to doing it again second semester. She is always on task and takes pride in her work. If Caitlyn ever has a question, she is not ashamed to ask for clarification. She also offers support to her classmates by sharing her thinking process to aid in their understandingWe are honored to name her February’s Bulldog of the month! Congratulations Caitlyn!




Team 603


Diana Tello-Barragan 
has shown a great commitment to her learning. She participates, asks questions, and shares her thinking. Diana has excellent grades. She is a fantastic student who puts lots of effort into her work and can adapt to these different times. We are proud to have Diana as a student of the month!

Team 604


Adrian Villanueva


He is a scholar in more ways than one, whether it is engaging in class or being present during Lunch/Dinner Tutorials. Adrian has found his niche in the classroom and continues to excel. He advocates for his learning and holds himself accountable for his trials and triumphs. We are so proud of him and look forward to seeing him grow and develop as a leader.




Lea Weaver

Lea is new at Conyers Middle School. Lea is an exceptional student. Lea excels in every subject. Despite, coming from a non 0ne to one district Lea is acclimating to the daily use of a laptop and its software programs. Lea is an asset to the classroom.



Ashleigh Maxie

Ashleigh has been improving in all her content classes. She has taken it upon herself to focus on her classesas well as working on completing all the missing assignments. The adjustments she has made toward learning are stellar. She deserves this honor for her improvements and her continued success to achieve.



Esperanza Rodriguez

Esperanza is a shining star in our class. She is always participating and is camera ready. She always has a positive attitude and is always completing her assignments and task on time. She works really hard to stay on top of her work and it shows. Esperanza deserves this honor!




Learning Support

Alexandra Rodriguez-Torres

Alexa, as everyone calls her, is a shining star in our class. She is always smiling and makes others happy. Alexa is a good student, participating and responding whenever she is called on. She is always on time for class, her camera is always on, her writing materials and positive attitude make her presence in the class so admirable. Alexa is willing to discuss her cultural foods and holidays with her classmates. She shows concern for others in distress and helps as possible. We are immensely proud of the improvement she is making. Alexa, keep up with your excellent work! Congratulations!!!!







Ian Day


He is an exceptional student who is attentive and participates during class. He completes his assignments, and he isn’t afraid to ask or answer questionsDue to his diligence and participation, he does a great job in his assessments. Keep up the great work Ian and Congratulations!



Kai Herbert

Kaiis our resident funny girl. She is smart, straightforward, and quick-witted. She works hard and rises to every challenge. We love her personality and humor and are thrilled that she is joining us in-person for hybrid instruction. Keep up the good work, Kai.



Toni Glover

Toni has made great progress in all her classes. Her teachers state that she is completing her assignments, engaging more in class, and asks for assistance when needed. Since returning to the building, you can see how committed she is to do her absolute best and to show everyone how intelligent she is. Keep up the great work Toni, we are so proud of you!



Chuka Saint Vincent

Chuka works so hard and is so diligent about getting things done. Therefore team 804 is so proud to recognize him this month. He has kept up the pace all yearlong, working thoroughly on every assignment and taking pride in himself and his reputation as a student. Keep up the good work, Chuka!!!









Angel Merino


Congratulations, Angel! You are our February AVID Student of the Month!

Angel enters class every day with a smile, ready to engage in the lesson. He is always willing to participate in class and to help others. It is truly a joy to have Angel as a part of our AVID family!























Kenneth Jackson

He is responsible, respectful, safe, and has a great attendance record. He is always on time, respectful, and I can always depend on him to participate and be engaged.